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Silicone Finger Toothbrush | Muted

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Introducing the Silicone Finger Toothbrush - the perfect tool for maintaining your baby's oral hygiene, even without teeth! Say goodbye to the struggle of maintaining your baby's oral hygiene, and give them the care they need with the Silicone Finger Toothbrush. 


  • Made with 100% food-grade silicone, this toothbrush is safe, gentle, and effective.
  • Each toothbrush comes with its own carry case for storage.
  • The unique design of the Silicone Finger Toothbrush allows you to easily clean your baby's gums and tongue with your own finger.
  • The small, silicone bristles are gentle on your baby's gums and help to remove bacteria and stimulate the development of healthy teeth.
  • The compact size allows for easy access to all areas of the mouth, making it the perfect tool for maintaining your baby's oral hygiene from the very beginning.
  • The Silicone Finger Toothbrush is easy to clean and can be used over and over again, making it an economical and environmentally-friendly choice for your baby's oral care.
  • It's also lightweight and easy to take on the go, making it convenient for use at home or on the go.

Directions | Simply slip the silicone finger toothbrush onto your finger and gently brush your baby's teeth and gums in circular motions. 

Care | simply rinse with warm water

Warning | This product is intended for adult use on a baby. May pose a choking risk if used incorrectly. Clean and inspect for any signs of damage before each use. 

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