Hi, I'm Mandy the founder of Mustard Sunday.

Like many small business owners, Mustard Sunday started as a small dream of mine. An exciting and scary dream, I spent hours wondering if I could make this vision of mine a reality. 

It wasn't until May 2020, when I first met my beautiful little baby girl (Pippa). It was love at first sight, holding her tiny body in my arms for the first time made me feel as though my heart could literally burst. In that moment I felt so much love for this tiny person and honestly equal parts dread, the responsibility of being a parent is unlike anything I had experienced before. I knew I needed to shift, I needed to find balance in life. My baby girl had turned me into a mother in an instant and my priorities had changed. 

I became obsessed with all things baby and I loved it. I wanted only the best for my newborn, especially when it came to quality, longevity, affordability and sustainability. I believe as parents we don't need to compromise and from these values Mustard Sunday was born. A store with thoughtful collections, designed to make your busy life as a parent that little bit easier.

Our range is created with necessity in mind, the essentials you and your little ones will love for years to come. With sustainability sitting high on our list of priorities we value where our products are made, how they're made and what our products are made from. We always make a conscious effort to lessen our impact on the environment, from the pieces we source to the eco-friendly packaging we use. We truly care and are happy knowing that we are doing our part to protect this place we call home