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Plantable Seed Card | Welcome to the World

$6 $7

A heartfelt message is one of the most thoughtful gifts a loved one can receive. Add an extra special touch to your message with our plantable seed cards by Rosy Thoughts. Once your message has been read, they can plant their card and watch it grow!   


  • Designed in Australia
  • A6 size
  • Blank inside
  • 100% recycled and plantable seed paper
  • Includes eco brown 100% recycled envelope 
  • The seeds are either daisies, lemon-scented bottlebrush or carrots
  • Once the message has been read, the lucky receiver can plant the card and watch it grow! 
  • The simple instructions on how to grow your plant are located on the back of the card


HOW TO PLANT | Soak me until soft. Place in seed raising mix (in pot or ground). Lightly cover me with more mix. Ensure paper stays moist. I should germinate in 7-21 days.

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