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Our Nursing Cups by Silverette are the original nursing cup and are a must have essential for breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding creates an intense and unique bond between mother and baby but unfortunately sore or cracked nipples are far too common and very painful. Sadly resulting in making breastfeeding and expressing feel unbearable for some women. These issues usually occur within 24 hours from when a mother starts her breastfeeding journey. Silverette is designed to help mothers continue their journey by assisting in preventing and healing sore, cracked and painful nipples efficiently and effectively 


  • Silverette nursing cups create an environment that helps to efficiently protect, soothe and heal sore, cracked and painful nipples
  • They are designed to prevent further damage to the nipple and assist in healing between feeds. Allowing the mother to continue her breastfeeding journey pain-free!
  • Lightweight, each cup only weighs 3g and fits comfortably under your bra. They can also be used in conjunction with absorbent nursing pads.
  • They are handcrafted by fully licensed silversmiths in Northern Italy
  • The patented design of Silverette cups with rounded apex shape respects the conformation of the nipple and avoids any annoying irritation or rubbing. The shape allows the nipple to be well contained and not pinched. Its rounded edges also allow for a more comfortable fit, even on the most sensitive skin. 
  • Silverette nursing cups are crafted from the purest 925 sterling silver. Silver has antimicrobial properties that are key in efficient wound prevention and healing. 
  • These medical grade nursing cups are 100% nickel free and safe for use for both mother and baby. They have been clinically tested and meet Australian Safety Standards (Registered with Therapeutic Goods Administration | TGA)
  • They are eco-friendly as they are reusable and their effectiveness remains the same over time. Making them perfect for mothers to use whilst breastfeeding all of their children throughout the years.  
  • Care |  Silver is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents. As a result, a quick rinse with warm water between feeds is sufficient to clean the cups. Do not use any harsh detergents, bleach-based agents, sterilising tablets or hard scourers to clean the cups.
  • Silverette can tarnish over time due to the natural oxidisation process that occurs in silver, however it is still safe and effective to use. To remove the tarnish, make a paste using a mix of bicarbonate of soda (one teaspoon) with a few drops of water. Rub the paste over the cups, rinse and pat dry.


Sizing |

Regular | 

  • Recommended if your current breast cup size is C or below and your areola diameter size is 4.5cm or less (See sizing chart image for clarification on how to measure your nipple diameter)  

XL |

  • Recommended if your current breast cup size is D or above and your areola diameter size is more than 4.5cm (See sizing chart image for clarification on how to measure your nipple diameter)  


How to use |

  • Simply place the Silverette cup over the nipple and use your nursing bra to hold it in place. Leave a couple of drops of breastmilk in the cups at the end of each breastfeeding session, this helps soothe the nipple and acts as a suction to help keep the cup in place. If you plan on using breast pads, place these in-between your bra and nursing cups. 
  • To get maximum benefit from the product it is recommend mothers use it for preventative measures and to also work on the positioning of their latch.
  • As always, we recommend professional advice if pain or latching issues persist.
  • To avoid the risk of compromising their effectiveness they should not be used together with any other products for the treatment of the nipple, such as medications or lotions. 


Properties that make Silverette Nursing Cups so effective |


Silver is known to have anti-inflammatory benefits that can provide relief from skin experiencing inflammation, soreness or swelling. This is great for mothers whom experience cracks and soreness usually from the result of incorrect latch positioning between mum and baby or incorrectly fitted breastpump.

Silver is known to have properties that help prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Silverette has been a great time saver for mothers to help them heal in between feeds without the worry of sterilisation.

A thrush infection is quite common and can happen if your nipples are sore or cracked. Silver has anti-fungal benefits can prevent fungal growth. You can use Silverette simultaneously with prescribed treatment by medical professional that supports the recovery of nipple thrush.

Silver is known to have natural antimicrobial benefits that can help minimise the presence of bacteria, mould, and fungi. Using Silverette may offer a greater level of protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes on surfaces for very long periods of time

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