Baby Milestone Wooden Discs

$35.80 $39

Our Wooden Milestone Discs by Kiin are the perfect photo prop for documenting the monthly changes & growth of your new little baby, including exciting milestones for the first year of their life. These keepsake discs make for a great gift for newborn babies or a baby shower!

  • Includes 13 double-sided wooden discs
  • Size | 10cm diametre
  • Each set comes in a beautiful cotton gift bag
  • Etched with each month starting from 1 month through to one year, plus 14 milestones
  • Safety | do not leave baby unattended; these are intended as home decor, not a children's toy

Text on each disc |

  • one month
  • two months
  • three months
  • four months
  • five months
  • six months
  • seven months
  • eight months
  • nine months
  • ten months
  • eleven months
  • one year old
  • it's my birthday!
  • hello world
  • I arrived home today
  • my name is ......
  • date, weight, height
  • I slept all night long
  • my first smile
  • I can sit up
  • I said my first word
  • today i laughed
  • I got my first tooth
  • I started eating solids
  • I learnt to crawl
  • I took my first steps

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